Which Type of Towel Is Commonly Used - Which one Do You Need

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Which Type of Towel Is Commonly Used - Which one Do You Need

Which Type of Towel Is Commonly Used - Which one Do You Need - Towels are one of the things that must be at home and needed every day. Its main function is to absorb the remaining water, both after bathing, washing hands, swimming, and so on.
Used in everyday life, do you already know the types of towels that are commonly used? Divided by function and material, these are the types of towels you need to know.

1. Head towel

As the name implies, the head towel serves to dry the head area. It is medium in size and has soft fibers so it is suitable for drying hair after shampooing.

This head towel is usually found in salons, but some people also use it at home to make it easier to dry their hair. It's also multifunctional because it can be used to wipe the face too.

2. Hand towels

When washing hands, you definitely need a hand towel. The size is small to medium and the shapes vary from rectangular to oval. Usually it is placed near the sink instead of tissue. Not bad also being more environmentally friendly by reducing tissue waste.

3. Towel robes

Unlike the general way of drying the body and hanging it, a towel robe covers the entire body while drying it slowly. Not only is it more comfortable, this robe dries the body without the need to swipe the skin so that it is considered healthier.
Towel robes are usually used after bathing or swimming. If you like swimming, it is advisable to have this robe so that the body stays warm while out of the pool and walks to the bathroom.

4. Body towels

Every bathroom must have body towels. All people must have a lot of supplies for hygienic reasons. Even when on vacation, it is obligatory to bring reserves.
Although some lodgings have provided body towels, it will still be more comfortable and clean if using private property. To be taken on vacation, you should choose a medium size and soft material. Thus, it will not take up much space in the suitcase.

5. Face towel

For those of you who are interested in skin care, this information is definitely no stranger: drying after washing your face is better to use your own face towel. Face skin is very sensitive so it needs to be treated carefully.
This bathroom equipment also needs to be provided in large quantities because the face needs to be dried with a clean towel. Washing it regularly is necessary if you want the skin of the face not to be exposed to dirt and dust perched.

More than just choosing the type, towel material also needs to be considered so that it fits the desires and needs of its users. Learn more about several types of material available on the market.

a. Cotton

Cotton towels made from cotton fibers that have been processed into yarn first. This material is known to easily absorb water and soft on the skin. The cotton itself is divided into combed cotton and carded cotton.
The cotton comber has a short yarn fiber so that the towel feels smoother and has stronger ties. The level of durability is quite high even though many times it is used to wipe off the remaining water.Meanwhile, the carded cotton material is woven using a machine so that the thread fiber faces the same direction. This one material is left to have the remainder of fine fibers so that it can be released when used to wipe water. For the price, combed cotton material is more expensive than carded cotton.

b. Nylon material

Towel nylon material has a slightly rough fiber. Usually a washcloth material, it can help remove dead skin so that the skin feels cleaner and healthier. Easier to find in Asian countries, this nylon material also helps blood circulation and collagen production.

c. Microfiber material

Finally, there are towels from microfiber with synthetic fibers that have a smaller diameter than human hair. Because of the small size of the fiber, a microfiber cloth can absorb water into small cracks that cannot be reached by other materials.
Microfiber can also absorb water seven times more than its weight. Even so, when compared with other ingredients, microfiber towels will be easier to dry when drying. Not only for the business of absorbing water, this material also has the advantage of capturing dust and bacteria. He is also very suitable for sightseeing because it can save luggage space too.

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