Reduce Plastic Waste for Environmental Health

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Reduce Plastic Waste for Environmental Health

Reduce Plastic Waste for Environmental Health - The use of plastic has become a part of everyday life. Its light and strong nature makes it practical for plastic use. In addition, plastic waste is very threatening to the health and balance of the environment. Plastic waste requires tens to hundreds of years to decompose naturally.Indonesia itself, based on research conducted by the University of Georgia in 2015, ranked second as the largest producer of plastic waste in the world, namely as many as 5.4 million tons per year. Plastic waste that accumulates does not only have the potential to become a source of disease on land, it has even damaged the marine ecosystem.
Production of plastic waste is indeed difficult to stop, but it is very possible to reduce it mainly by changing small habits at home. What can you do to reduce plastic waste?

1. Take advantage of existing plastic bags or containers

The first way to reduce plastic waste is to apply the reuse method. Plastic bags that you get from the market or supermarket should not be thrown away so you can use them again later.
Plastic containers can also be used as food boxes, but first look at the food grade code listed below. Make sure the plastic container is safe to use for a long time.

2. Limiting the use of plastic packaging

The rest of the packaging is the type of plastic waste that we produce the most everyday. This type of plastic waste can be avoided by not buying a lot of items in sachet packaging, such as buying shampoo in a dispenser package so that it can be used multiple times.
Familiarize yourself to reduce food consumption whose packaging can become plastic waste. It sounds impossible indeed, but there is still food packed with organic ingredients such as paper and banana leaves.

3. Bring your own shopping bag

Refusing to use plastic bags is known as refuse in the step of reducing plastic waste. Always carry canvas bags wherever you go so there is no need to wrap groceries with plastic bags. Choose a canvas bag design that is easily folded so that it is easy to store.
Many commercial retailers use disposable plastic bags to pack their purchases. As a result, because it could no longer be used, he added a pile of plastic waste that was mounting.

4. Reduce ordering food, cook your own food

The rise of online food delivery services, makes us choose to buy food rather than cooking food at home because it is considered more practical and not time consuming. Even though food packaging, including disposable food equipment included in it, can increase the production of plastic waste at home.
Cooking food alone avoids the production of plastic waste. You can also save even more while increasing your cooking skills.

5. Use your own tableware and drink bottles

In addition to canvas bags, always bring food boxes and drink bottles that can be used many times when you go out of the house. Today various food and beverage outlets allow us to use our own food and beverage containers to reduce plastic waste.
Efforts to reduce this one plastic waste can also make you avoid harmful bacteria and viruses found in food containers or packaging sold on the roadside.

6. Reduce the use of plastic straws

Previously, the impact of plastic waste from plastic straws was ignored, until some time ago this plastic waste was proven to injure and endanger a number of marine biota.
In the results of the study, plastic straws included the largest contributor to plastic waste in the world. Some other types of straws, such as bamboo, paper, stainless, and acrylic straws can be used as a substitute for plastic straws.

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