More Aesthetic Residential with 5 Floor Pattern Variations

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More Aesthetic Residential with 5 Floor Pattern Variations

More Aesthetic Residential with 5 Floor Pattern Variations - The first thing you need to consider when choosing a floor coating is the durability of the material. Whether choosing ceramic, marble or wood that can support the weight of furniture and its occupants, the floor pattern also needs to be considered to create a more aesthetically pleasing interior.
Although it functions as a footrest so that it is not often seen, the pattern of the floor has a major influence on the overall appearance of the room. Not only affects the design of the wall, the choice of style of furniture also needs to be considered so as not to collide with the chosen floor pattern.
So as not to add to the cost of renovating the house again. permanent floor patterns need to be carefully chosen. Instead of using floor patterns that are too general like square with plain white, try variations in floor patterns in terms of arrangement, shape, and color like the following inspiration!

1. Chess-style floor pattern

Classified as one of the classic floor patterns, the chessboard pattern is easy to form. Simply arranging black and white ceramic tiles alternately looks like a chessboard. There's nothing wrong with choosing a different color combination by changing the color black with blue or brown.
Adjust the size of the ceramic to the size of the room. This will affect the number of tiles and the total price of installing ceramic tiles. Although simple, this floor pattern is suitable for adding aesthetic value to a minimalist style residence.

2. The back chevron floor pattern is popular

The chevron floor pattern has been around since the 1960s and is now popular again. In the form of a zig-zag line that combines two contrasting colors, this floor ceramic can be spelled out like an eye illusion.
If you are interested in the chevron floor pattern but don't want to worry about seeing the illusion every day, switch to using a wooden floor with a chevron motif. Besides being suitable for those of you who crave dwelling, it seems more natural, wooden floors are also able to bring warmth in any room.

3. Honeycomb pattern, take advantage of hexagonal shapes

Bored with a square shape, try the hexagonal shape aka hexagon like the inspiration above. This form of ceramic floor pattern will look like a honeycomb. For variety, this hexagonal pattern of marble can be combined with a wooden floor to create a contemporary, aesthetic design.

Besides combining different materials, this hexagonal floor pattern can also combine different ceramic colors. Do not forget, the wider the room, choose ceramics with a larger size as well.

4. Herringbone pattern, similar but different from chevron

At first glance, this herringbone floor pattern looks the same as the chevron pattern. But if observed, the arrangement is slightly different. The chevron pattern is made in a zig-zag line that seems to be without connection, while the herringbone pattern is in the form of ceramic or wooden pieces in a zig-zag rectangle. This floor pattern is suitable for adding aesthetic value to homes with Scandinavian or vintage interiors.

5. Geometric decoration with a triangle pattern

With triangular shaped ceramics, we can produce a variety of floor patterns. For example, form a square pattern by combining four triangles into one square. Take advantage of neutral color variants to make it look an aesthetic floor pattern with stunning contrasting colors.

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