Five things to know before planting ornamental plants

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Five things to know before planting ornamental plants

Five things to know before planting ornamental plants - Caring for plants is not an easy thing to do. Not everyone has enough patience and patience to do it. Having ornamental plants in your home can be more valuable, their existence can magically provide additional energy for your place of residence.Did you know, ornamental plants for your home should not be chosen as origin. There are various types of ornamental plants, each of which has different needs to grow properly.
Ornamental plants are sensitive plants that will demand your attention. Things like the amount of light, the level of slime, and the placement of ornamental plants can have a huge influence on them.
Well, here Kania wants to share the strategy of choosing ornamental plants for beginners, by adjusting to the situation where you live.

1. Know Weather Conditions in the Home Environment

The first step towards success in gardening is to determine how much light intensity in the area of ??ornamental plants is placed. The easiest way to measure the power of sunlight is to use a light meter and measure each area.
Of course the light meter is not the only way. You can use gray paper or with the help of a digital camera to measure the light power of the area where you live.
That way, you can determine the strength of light in some areas of your home and how long the light will shine in a day.By knowing the power of light in the area where you live, you can choose ornamental plants with the need for appropriate light. The power of light can be divided into three, strong light, medium light, and dim light.

2. Choose Ornamental Plants According to the Needs of Sunlight

Ornamental Plants for Dim LightPeople who live in urban areas are more likely to live in apartments or flats. They do not have adequate gardening land, and the amount of sunlight that is considered very minimal in their homes.
There are quite a lot of decorative plants that like areas with minimal light. Ornamental plants such as ferns, such as boston ferns, ornamental ferns are very common in Indonesia, so you will have no trouble finding them.
Aside from being greening for your place of residence, this fern ornamental plant can also absorb air pollution so that the house's air becomes cleaner. Apart from ferns, you can also plant crops such as bamboo plants, spider plants and peace lily.
Ornamental Plants for Medium LightOrnamental plants that grow in this condition tend to be healthier than ornamental plants in other conditions. Popular ornamental plants for medium-sized living conditions are begonias, alocasia, and wijaya kusuma plants.
Ornamental Plants for Bright LightLuckily you have a lot of natural lighting intake at home. There are lots of beautiful ornamental plants and can develop in areas with strong light intake well. Some plants that are a favorite of many beginners are decorative succulents such as cactus, asparagus ferns and fig trees.

3. Pay attention to the moisture of ornamental plants

In addition to the power of light from the room, you also have to weigh the level of humidity from where you live. Incorrect humidity can kill ornamental plants. You can easily determine whether ornamental plants start to dry out and need water. The leaves of ornamental plants that roll indicate that they begin to dry out.
One trick to maintaining the moisture of ornamental plants that you can do is to put ornamental plants on a container with small rocks in a strong vase, and water. Evaporated water will be taken by plants to maintain their moisture. It's different from succulents plants that don't need a lot of moisture, so don't over-water them!

4. Selection of Ornamental Plant Containers

Choose a container of ornamental plants that are not too big and not too small for your plants. You can ask for recommendations from where you bought the ornamental plants that you like. There are many sweet and unique ornamental plants to use. Some people even use mugs as a container for their ornamental plants.
But remember, a good container is one that has drainage. You can still use the mug if you want, but don't forget to make a hole at the bottom of the mug as the drain out.

5. Placement of Ornamental Plants

Don't be afraid to shift or move the location of your favorite ornamental plants. Most people choose one place to put their ornamental plants and think only in that place should their ornamental plants be. Perform rotation and rotation of ornamental plants, and you can see your ornamental plants more alive and fresh!
Well, that's the 5 strategies for choosing ornamental plants for beginners. No need to hesitate to start your gardening hobby and learn from the beginning. Everyone must have the first moment for it

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