Favorite Materials - This is the Prices of the 6 Most Popular Wooden Boards in Indonesia

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Favorite Materials - This is the Prices of the 6 Most Popular Wooden Boards in Indonesia

Favorite Materials - This is the Prices of the 6 Most Popular Wooden Boards in Indonesia - Wood material is a favorite of many people because it can provide a natural accent in the dwelling. Generally, wooden boards are used for building structures such as ceilings, tile stands, frames, and for residential interiors such as furniture and decorations.
Especially for the use of plastic, furniture, decoration or cast formwork, the use of wooden boards is the right choice. In Indonesia alone, wood cut in the form of boards comes from processed various types of wood, each of which is sold at different prices with its own shortcomings and advantages.
If you are currently planning to build dwellings or make DIY furniture and decorations using wood in the form of boards, the following information regarding the current price of wood planks to facilitate the selection of wooden boards based on quality and budget.

1. Punak Wood Board

The wood planks are quite popular in Indonesia because they have characteristics that are dense, waterproof and weather, and have the same quality as ironwood. Derived from the tree, which is widely grown in Jambi and Palembang, it is sold at a price that is quite economical when compared to boards of other types of solid wood. Regarding the price, you can buy wood in the form of boards with a size of 2 cm x 20 cm x 400 cm, at a price of Rp. 70,000.00.

2. Meranti Wooden Planks

Next is meranti wood board which has hard characteristics with light to moderate weight. With the characteristics of pink, dark red, and dark brown to red depending on the age of the wood, the boards of the type of meranti wood also have good durability to be processed into various kinds of objects. Regarding the price, you can buy Meranti wood boards with a size of 2 cm x 20 cm x 400 cm at a price of IDR 80,000.

3. Camphor Wood Board

There are also camphor wood boards which are famous for their durability and termite resistance. Found in many forests in the Kalimantan region, another advantage of camphor wood is the rough texture that gives its own characteristics when used for furniture. For the price, camphor wood in the form of boards measuring 3 cm x 20 cm x 400 cm can be purchased at a price of Rp. 260,000.00.

4. Borneo Wood Board

As the name implies, these wooden boards are produced from tree plantations in the Kalimantan region and include rubber wood, Albasia wood and African wood. With a characteristic yellowish white color, Borneo wood also has a soft-hard character and is classified as heavy wood. Regarding the price, you can now buy Borneo wood in the form of boards measuring 3 cm x 20 cm x 400 cm at a price of Rp. 90,000.00.

5. Dutch Teak Wood Board

Also referred to as pine wood, Dutch teak boards are often used for furniture because of their light weight, beautiful bright colors, fine fibers so they are easy to process, and have a very good durability. For Dutch teak in the form of a varnished board, you can buy it at a price of Rp170,000.00 for a size of 100 cm x 60 cm x 2 cm.

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