Elegant Minimalist Home Stairs Design

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Elegant Minimalist Home Stairs Design

Elegant Minimalist Home Stairs Design - How do you design minimalist home stair tricks? The simplicity of a minimalist home staircase design requires precise and accurate design, installation, and finishing to create an endless result.An important factor for completing a minimalist home design is utilizing a minimalist home staircase design trick. Aside from being a liaison between each floor in a multi-storey house, the stairs also function to beautify the interior of the house. Today's rapid property development is also accompanied by careful planning to create a variety of minimalist staircase models with beautiful and unique designs.The important factor is the elegant minimalist staircaseBefore starting to design a minimalist home staircase, it's good if you pay attention to several factors in choosing a minimalist home stair model so that you will get the right and perfect results. Here are tips on choosing the right ladder.

a. Model and Design

Determine the model and design of a minimalist home staircase that you want to create in accordance with the home design concept that you have.

b. Ladder position

The position of the ladder should be in an area that is easily accessible from various corners of the house so as to support the smooth mobility of the homeowner.

c. Security

Must be equipped with stair railings, whether made of wood or iron. Railing ladder aims to anticipate and avoid possible accidents such as falling from a ladder, especially in young children and the elderly.

d. Quality of stairs

The quality of stairs is the next important thing because it will determine the resilience of the ladder. We recommend using quality building materials so that the ladder can last longer.e. Quality equipmentUse quality building materials so that the ladder can last longer. The price is a little more expensive, but the quality will guarantee the age of the minimalist house stairs.Elegant minimalist house design tricksThe following are elegant and creative minimalist staircase design tricks that you can consider for your home.

1. Vary the width

Try this creative home staircase design trick. Most stairs usually have the same width of stairs. However, consider making a ladder of varying width and integrated it with a shelf in the mezzanine area to produce an interesting pattern.Want a different design? Consider a minimalist staircase in a narrow room with this unique vertical pattern if you have a small house.

2. Create with railings

There is no standard rule that states that stair railings must be installed parallel to the stairs. These vertical iron poles add railing security and provide a fantastic visual appearance.Bored with vertical stair railings? You can create a creative stair railing design like the picture above.

3. Install the parapet wall

For maximum security, attach the ladder with a parapet. Like Omah Kawung At Jagakarsa by imron yusuf-ifd architects, ornaments on parapet stairs are a unique addition and keep the staircase not narrow.

4. Semi privacy

If you don't like the impression of being closed on a stair parapet, you can highlight aesthetics while still maintaining the safety aspect with the semi-transparent parapet from the wood material.Or you can also use other materials such as decorative steel with a variety of unique patterns.

5. Split stair / penguinCriss-crossing steps are designed to highlight functional unity, structure and perfect shape. With regard to functionality, this split ladder feels comfortable, safe, and saves space. With respect to structure, the geometry of the steps allows the structure to be securely attached to one main beam.

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