Change the Atmosphere of the Dining Room in an Instant Look at the 7 Models of the Next Table cloth

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Change the Atmosphere of the Dining Room in an Instant Look at the 7 Models of the Next Table cloth

Change the Atmosphere of the Dining Room in an Instant Look at the 7 Models of the Next Table cloth - Have you ever felt bored seeing the same dining room display every day for years? If so, then you need to change the atmosphere of the dining room immediately. But that doesn't mean having to repaint the walls and put new furniture. There is an easy and inexpensive way to do this, using tablecloths.
Because the main function of the tablecloth is to protect the table surface from food stains slowly and simultaneously serves as a decoration, many manufacturers make attractive tablecloths. For example like the following seven models!

1. Simple and simple with additional ruffle

White table cloth without motives can look beautiful and change the atmosphere of the dining room. But if it's too plain it will also look very formal, so look for one that has a simple accent like a ruffle at the end. This model is suitable for a minimalist and vintage style dining room.

2. Linen table

cloth Linen is increasingly popular with people because the surface is soft and the fibers are not easily damaged. When exposed to food stains, linen tablecloths are easy to clean using a washing machine.

The model of linen tablecloths with un sewn ends can create a charming rustic and Scandinavian feel. Adjust the color with the interior theme of the dining room to make it look harmonious.

3. Lace accents for decorating shabby chic are tempting

Lace table cloths had become a trend in the era of the 90s. The model is suitable to replace the atmosphere of the dining room in classic and traditional style dwellings. The low-cost motifs are very diverse but generally only available in white.Even so, you can be creative so that table cloths with lace are not boring. For example, putting a lace tablecloth on a black cloth that creates an elegant impression or on a yellow fabric for a cheerful impression.

4. Table

cloth with tasselAt present, the tassel or tassel decoration is quite popular with the community because it looks adorable. Some make them bag hangers, curtain decorations or curtains, even earrings. Well, this tassel can also be pinned to the end of the tablecloth. You should choose a tassel that is short in size to avoid the thread becoming tangled.

5. Elegant table runner

Tablecloths don't always have to cover all the surface of a dining table, but can be partially like this table runner model. The shape is rectangular with a size longer than the dining table. The position is placed in the middle of the table and the two ends are left hanging down.
Because the surface of the table is still visible, you should adjust the color of the tablecloth like the table runner's style with the dining table model. It looks simple but is able to provide a touch of attractive color in an instant.

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