build and design your own house game - Try 5 BEST GAME BUILDING EVER

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build and design your own house game - Try 5 BEST GAME BUILDING EVER

build and design your own house game - Try 5 BEST GAME BUILDING EVER - Tired of such a weekend? Friends 99, you must try game 5 to build the best house below!

Weekend activities are usually carried out in various ways, Some spend time with family, travel to exotic places, until they are accepted at home. Not a few of you who want to do exciting activities at home, but are stuck because of running out of ideas, Don't worry, there are still many ways to have fun!

One of them is playing video games.

Yes, video games often get bad stigma because they don't work While for certain types of games, the main video games can be fun activities while sharpening the brain. Video games have been famous since the 80s with 64-bit technology. Now, this game is far more modern and relaxed in the real world.

Many types of video games with interesting choices that you can play One of the 5 games to build a house below.

Curious? Come on, see together!


1. The Sims

It is no secret, if The Sims successfully dominate the position as a game to build a favorite house of a million people. Many people like to play The Sims because of the complete features, from arranging the foundation to managing the interior design of the house.

All of these features, you can do in detail. The Sims is a strategic simulation computer game created by game designer Will Wright, published by Maxis, and distributed by Electronic Arts. Simply put, your job is to carry out the household functions of a family or individual. Therefore, The Sims is not just a game to build a mere house, It's a life simulation that covers many things.

Released since the 2000s, The Sims has now reached four series with a variety of attractive expansion packs.

2. Minecraft  

In addition to The Sims, you can try Minecraft as a recommendation for games to build weekend home fillers. Reported from official sources, Minecraft is a sandbox game created by the game developer Mojang. The focus of the game seeks to emphasize creativity and development. Here, you don't just build a house , But it is obligatory to look for materials and protect themselves from the wild beasts.

Moreover, you must survive in the wild so as not to starve and get hurt. The game becomes even more challenging! Yes, right? Minecraft continues to be idolized by many groups. Not a few gamers who display their home creations on channels such as YouTube. Come on, test and sharpen your brain through this one game!

3. Fallout

Maybe for some people, hearing the name of this one will be a little doubtful Because, Fallout is identical as an action genre game with fights against various kinds of enemies. From rebels to mutation monsters, you have to fight the attack. Fallout is an RPG genre game that is integrated with the FPS system.

Over time, Fallout 4 offers a variety of interesting features, One of them built a house from makeshift equipment. Background where Fallout still takes the theme of post-apocalypse

So, the furniture for average occupancy is unused objects of the previous century

Let me not be curious, try this one game!

4. Home Design Story

Three games build houses that were previously, on average only can be played on a computer or console As for the mobile version, it does not offer similar or even limited features.  If you want to play casually while leaning on the living room couch, try this one game. Yes, what if it's not Home Design Story!  Simple gameplay through adorable look, can be a favorite for all of you.  Even so, Home Design Story can only be played on an iPhone or iPad.

Suitable for relaxing on weekends, you know!

5. Block Hood

Block'Hood is quite unique

Because, you will arrange blocks to form a property area - including houses. There are more than 200 different building blocks built according to each energy resource. This cool game was released independently in 2017 And can only be played on a computer.


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