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Vivo Call the possibility of folding screen phones entering Indonesia

Vivo said he did not rule out the possibility of introducing folding screen phones in Indonesia. The Chinese company announced that it would initially conduct an Indonesian market study to gauge the Indonesian market's desire to buy folding screen phones.

"We also need to see what depends on the preparation of our research and development team.If you want to issue a smart phone, there will not be a continuing trend to issue products," said Vivo Indonesia Tyas Rarasmurti , public relations manager at Harper Hotel, Purwakarta, Tuesday (3/5).

Tyas said it has always measured the mobile technology needed by each country's market to decide whether to launch a product.

"We produce something that is actually acceptable to society and that can please everyone - technology is for everyone," said Tyas.

Vivo has just introduced iQOO's sub-brad for the premium class smartphone market. Vivo introduced iQOO via Weibo. In its download, iQOO also showed the iQOO folding screen phone concept.

When asked when iQOO had landed in Indonesia, Tyas said iQOO was currently focusing on the Chinese market. The iQOO product called Tyas will be launched in March or April.

"The plan is still focused on China, if I'm not mistaken, a product could go on the market in March or April, but there is still no plan to go to other markets because this product is still new in China, "said Tyas.

Regarding the problem that iQOO will launch a folding screen phone, Tyas admitted he could not make an official statement.

So far, he has not received any information on the concept of the latest smartphone released by iQOO.

"We also do not know what the smartphone model will look like, Vivo Global's instructions are not, either, and all I can do is say that iQOO really focuses first on first market, "said Tyas.