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New Toyota helper inspired by national runner Alinka

PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) will continue to strengthen digital interaction with consumers, including the interactive virtual assistant Toyota or the one synchronized by Tarra. This system is a new way for consumer questions and answers on Toyota information presented via mobile applications.

TAM symbolizes Tarra as a black-haired woman wearing a Toyota uniform. The symbol of a woman who would have been chosen was inspired by the only woman driving Toyota Team Indonesia, Alinka Hardianti, who was known to have a thorough knowledge of the automobile.

In addition, Anton Jimmy, marketing director of TAM, explained that the name of Tarra had been chosen because of its proximity to Indonesia.

"Tarra is short for Toyota Interactive Virtual Assistant, so it's easy and I think the name of Tarra is also pretty Indonesian," Anton said at the Tarra launch in Jakarta on Tuesday (3/5).

Tarra is currently only available in Two-Way Conversation Services, Line and Facebok Messenger. TAM also expects Tarra to enter the Whatsapp app to attract more consumers.

Tarra is intended to answer various consumer questions, ranging from general questions such as product prices and the location of the nearest dealer, to humorous questions such as the one shown in the presentation "What is the fastest car in Indonesia? "

Tarra answers: "Toyota Avanza Dong! Try to salivate it, there must be more."

TAM Vice President Henry Tanoto explained that the Tarra system was focused on question-and-answer exchanges with consumers. Tarra's Artificial Intelligence technology also teaches by recording questions that can not be answered and evaluated later to improve their ability to provide solutions.

"Now that the first buyer is looking for information via the Internet, if every question asked to the dealer is a problem, you can answer any questions with Tarra.
providing convenience to our customers while interacting with Toyota, from A to Z, "said Henry.

TAM chairman Yoshihiro Nakata said the company had spent IDR 3 billion on the construction of Tarra. He added that Tarra was linked to 38 Toyota dealerships, including 330 in Indonesia.

Anton explained that over the last 10 years, the consumer experience in car buying has been divided into four stages: awareness (awareness), interest (interest), purchase (purchase) and post purchase (after sale). ).

"See all four, not only awareness, but the interest has also appeared in the digital.

So not only [looking for information], price, specifications, but also interest arises, then request to be contacted. "said Anton.

Henry said that current consumer trends, especially among first-time car buyers, relied on the Internet to find information. But in the future, Henry believes that online and offline services are still needed.

"We find it's going to mix, online and offline, it's easier to find information online, you can get information from all sources, but in the end they'll get closer to us, ask an essay or purchase., offline is still needed, "said Henry.