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Instagram Test Features for Indonesian Online Traders

Sri Widowati, Indonesia's Country Head on Facebook, said Instagram is testing the shopping functionality of several online merchants in Indonesia. This feature can help users immediately see the price of products sold on photos they post on social media.

Widowati pointed out, however, that this feature could not be used massively. But it has just been tested by several of their major trading partners.

"Only a few big partners, not all because we want to see how the market will react," Widowati told Facebook's Indonesia office in Jakarta on Tuesday (3/5).

"This feature allows consumers to know the price of the product, so that everyone does not need to visit the website to check prices," he continued during the presentation of the Instagram role. in Indonesia's digital marketing strategy on Facebook office in Indonesia on Tuesday (5/3).

Reporting to the official Instagram website, this purchase feature is available in Story and Explore in September 2018. 46 countries were able to use this feature freely.

Widowati said that currently, more than 150 million Instagram users maintain conversations with business people through direct messages each month around the world.

"Globally, more than 150 million users interact with business people through direct messaging and one-third of the messages for business profiles start with Story," he said.

According to data from June 2018, the number of Instagram users worldwide reaches 1 billion. For example, the number of users who engage in business interactions represents only 15% of the total number of Instagram users.

"So we're proposing two new features, the inbox integration to minimize the risk of unread messages and quick responses," he continued.

In addition, Instagram also provides a number of buttons on a business profile that can encourage users to take action such as phone, email or display directions to get to the store.