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Changes to the server configuration, the main causes of the Facebook crash

The Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp services were down Wednesday (03/13/2019) in several countries such as America, Europe, Indonesia and other countries.

When the service is down, Facebook investigates the cause.

Previously, it was alleged that cyber attacks were the cause of Facebook's broken service. However, Facebook representatives have denied this.

Reported by Ubergizmo, Facebook now reveals the exact reason why the service of a group is down in his Twitter post.

In its Twitter article, Facebook reported that the cause of the Facebook CS service had been stopped due to changes in the server configuration.

"The reason our service is stopped is the change to the server configuration, we apologize for the inconvenience, now that we have solved the problem and the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp services have returned to normal," writes Facebook on his Twitter account.

Since Thursday (14/03/2019), it has gradually recovered, but there is still a slight disturbance. Now the CS Facebook service is working normally.