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The Oppo Way Eliminates the Stigma of a Chinese Smartphone

Products from China are often haunted by the stigma of doubt about their quality.

This was also realized by one smartphone manufacturer from the Bamboo Curtain country, namely OPPO.

The company considers that the current stigma of Chinese products is inseparable from the actions of Chinese motorcycle manufacturers who sell their products as if they were copying other products. Therefore, the smartphone industry is also affected.

"When (OPPO) entered Asia, what happened was that China's negative stigma was built by friends from the motorbike brand. The motorcycle brand was copied very well, as were the spare parts, right? That had an effect on smartphones," PR Manager OPPO Indonesia Aryo Meidianto while talking a while ago.

"Smartphones are also many, right, maybe it's wrong because of local players. Like local people who buy cellphones ordered from there (China), don't sell them, change brands tomorrow. Finally stigma won't be long, all kinds," he said.

To change this view, OPPO has its own way. Aryo revealed that it was trying to show the quality of its products through premium smartphones.

"To change stigma, how to use premium devices," he said.

Currently OPPO has launched a premium category smartphone, OPPO R17 Pro. Previously, OPPO also had the Find X series which featured camera technology with a pop-up mechanism

Aryo also said that currently OPPO wants to be better known through innovation and technology. For this reason, OPPO is willing to disburse funds worth Rp20 trillion so that it can bring other sophistication to its products.