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Pep Guardiola's Tactic Evolution

nite Marti Perarnau, in Pep Confidentiel: In the first season of Pep Guardiola at Bayern Munich, tells an interesting story about Pep Guardiola.

In October 2012, when he decided to become a New Yorker for a while, Pep Guardiola met several times with Gary Kasparov, the Russian chess maestro. They talked about a lot of things, from economics to technology to sports, to competition. The two men were similar: Guardiola and Kasparov were both stubborn.

"Why do not you compete with Magnus Carlsen, the most promising chess player in the world?" Guardiola asked.

"Impossible," Kasparov replied. "I have the ability to defeat him, but in practice it's impossible."

Guardiola asked like that up to three times. Three times, Kasparov gave the same answer. The former world number one chess player does not provide a longer explanation, which makes Guardiola even more curious.

Pep's question ends up reaching Cristina, Pep's wife; also Daria, Kasparov's wife. And when the two took part in the meeting, they united to find satisfying answers to Guardiola's questions.

"Maybe because of concentration problems," Cristina said.

"That's all!" Daria agreed with Cristina's opinion. "If the game lasts only two hours, Gary could defeat Magnus, but the game usually lasts five to six hours and Gary will not stand beyond the hours with heavy charges in mind, mamaksanya does the math."

"Magnus is still young and will not be aware of what happened to you - Gary understands the impact and does not want to live this kind of things for days, there's a player who can concentrate for five hours, some are only capable of two hours, it is impossible for [Gary] to win. "

After the meeting, Guardiola slept late. He draws the red thread of this answer with his philosophy of football, known as the juego of pocition. He wants to adapt while perfecting the game. And about six years later, thanks to the help of Cristina and Daria, Guardiola's game procedure showed signs of injury.

Risk of Juego de Posicion

Juego de Pocition is a game philosophy that emphasizes the importance of possession. To maximize this philosophy, Guardiola then divided the field into 20 zones. In addition, he also imposed special restrictions on his theory of the zone: vertically, there can only be a maximum of two players who stand on an equal footing in each zone and a maximum of three players can to stand historically in each zone horizontally.

Guardiola's goal of setting limits is very clear: first, he wants the players who have the ball to have more options to send their comments; and secondly, Guardioa wants his team to play with unrelated players in a given position.

The offensive philosophy is then compensated by an incredible defense. In Pep's "Four Golden Rules" published in Blizzard magazine, former La Masia coordinator Albert Capellas has already explained how to survive Pep's Simon Kuper, author of Football Against The Enemy.

According to Capellas, how to survive Pep has four rules: Pressure on the ball (counter-pressing immediately after losing the ball to catch the ball as quickly as possible from the opposing player), rule of five seconds If the pressure fails after five seconds , the Barcelona players will go back), the 3-1 rule (Barcelona players can not lose the number of players when they survive) and the one-second rule (Barcelona players must be able to understand quickly the game system).

Pep's philosophy has indeed enabled Barcelona to succeed. However, the philosophy is quite complicated and difficult to understand for the players. Plus, if he then applies it to a new club. To function optimally, Pep clearly needs three things: first class players and time.