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When Neighbors Affected by Civil and Criminal Lawsuits

At the end of September 2018, several media reports about neighboring tragedies led to civil suits. This news is very interesting because, first, the requests are expressed in billions of rupiahs; secondly, the journalist is a state official; and thirdly, the combination of the two makes a seemingly trivial case concerning the nearby city Adab thickens a famous saying that one can choose a house but not choose neighbors.

The official was a prosecutor of the Commission for the Eradication of Corruption, named Hendra Apriansyah.

His neighbor, Deddy Octo Simbolon. They live in the housing area of ​​the Modernhill Neo Agathis group in Pamulang, south of Tangerang. The complaints against each other, which have been buried for a long time but have not been treated in a family way, have finally resulted in minutes.

The story began in 2013 when Hendra, as a new occupant, asked Octo, a long-time resident, to explain the terms of a bill of sale and purchase of a house. Octo gave an answer. Then, when Octo built a toilet on the second floor and intentionally or not, this extra building went through the wall of the house. Although annoyed, Hendra silenced him. The peak was reached this year when Octo cut trees in Hendra's house when Hendra's family was returning home to Lebaran to Padang.

After returning home and knowing that the tree had been cut down, Hendra's wife asked Octo for an explanation.

Instead of receiving a good explanation, Octo replied sharply and shouted, "Your own husband cuts!"

Hendra's wife was visibly angry with the prosecution and was furious when Octo said, "How much have you been willing to pay, if you do not like it, I'll build the wall high." The quarrel was further accentuated when Octo built a wall separating a house of 2 meters in height last July.

Reluctant about this long-running affair, the president of the neighborhood association named Deny is involved in reconciling them. He came to Octo and Hendra to listen to the problem. He decided to invite them to meet to find a solution that would also benefit both.

Deny said that Hendra was willing to mediate with Octo so that this type of neighboring business could be settled in a family way. However, Octo was absent at the meeting.

"An expected week, there is no news," Deny told me by phone. "Yes, you both want to win, no one wants to lose, they're adults, not a child, and if it's suspicious, there's no such thing as this."

The case mentioned by Deny occurred when Hendra finally decided the way forward. Through his lawyer, Hendra submitted a file to the Tangerang District Court on September 18, 2018. He sued Octo for compensation of Rp. 2.6 billion.

According to Deny, after the trial, Octo had asked her to meet Hendra for a family settlement. But, presumably, Octo's response was late. This time, Hendra was invited to mediate because he was already resolved to sue and gave the case to his lawyer.

"We can not do anything else, they choose their own way," Deny said.

The media called their cause with only one title: because of a tree, the prosecutor of the KPK sued a neighbor in the amount of 2.6 billion rupees.

I asked one of the staff at PT Modernland Reality Tbk., Modernhill Developer, and found that it gave permission to Deddy Octo Simbolon to build a toilet on the second floor. The reason is that the toilets built by the promoters on the first floor are really small. Because he had permission, Octo built a toilet by hiring a craftsman himself, not the developer, according to the employee.

The original proponent did not know that the extra toilet had crossed the border of the neighbor's house and only discovered it after Hendra, when he had just occupied his house, informed the management of the building. housing.