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Today In, Facebook's New Feature to Display Local Information

Facebook on Thursday (11/29/2018) launched a new feature, Today In, which will display local information from sources from government institutions, local publishers who have worked together, communities or community groups.

"Today In connects users with important news and local information, including their community," Anthea Watson Strong, Product Manager for Local News and Community Information, cited in FB Newsroom, Thursday (11/29).
In the last two years, Zuckerberg acknowledged that some users abused Facebook as a tool to influence elections, spread false information and incite. "When you connect two billion people (through Facebook), you will see all the beauty and ugliness of humanity," he said.

Facebook's efforts to stop negative content are frequently made lately. In April 2018, Facebook issued internal guidelines to remove content that violated the provisions.

There are at least 18 types of content that are prohibited by Facebook, such as content that shows pictures of internal organs or burning human beings.

Then, Facebook also formed a special team that works in 10 offices in six different countries, which according to Zuckerberg was made to "reflect the differences in standards and culture."

This feature was initially tested in six cities in January, then expanded to 25 cities. Now, the availability of these functions extends to 400 cities in the United States and several other cities in Australia.

According to AFP, this feature was originally presented to reduce the spread of false news on social networks. Facebook does not provide compensation to selected news providers, which are part of the Facebook Journalism Project in the United States.

For users who are domiciled in the city covered by Today In, you will find these features on your homepage. Today In content is presented separately with other news sources, which are grouped into certain sections.

If the function is accessed, a series of local news will appear from several selected sources. The content provided by Today In is different, depending on the user's location or the availability of these functions in the selected city.

In addition to expanding Today In's availability, Facebook is also testing more than 100 local governments to help them disseminate information at the right time.

According to Facebook, they receive information that the correct information in certain situations will affect users when performing actions, such as road closures, power outages or natural disasters.

In addition to being on the News Feed home page, you can access Today In in the upper right corner of the Facebook application and then select the feature. Users also have the possibility to choose another location.

Although Today In is not yet available for Indonesia, Facebook will expand the availability of this feature to other regions in the near future.

"We hope to be able to immediately expand the availability of this feature to other regions," Stong said.