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They are Faithful in Serie A

Gianluigi Buffon has just recorded a special score of his career in Serie A for 21 years. The No. 1 Italian goalkeeper played in the 600th Serie A match when Juventus shut down Chievo Verona 1-2 on Sunday (6/11/2016).

Few football players manage to exceed 600 in legendary leagues such as Serie A or Buffon.

There are only 3 names whose number of matches exceeds the goalkeeper of 38 years, namely Francesco Totti with 607 games, then Javier Zanetti (615 games) and Paolo Maldini, still at the top (647 games).

Buffon is likely to overtake Totti, even Zanetti who retired, believing he remains the main choice under the crossbar of Juventus. Until the 12th week, the goalkeeper nicknamed Superman participated in 11 Serie A matches.

Compare that with Totti who just grazed 6 matches, while 5 of them are substitutes. Not to mention that the problem of injuries strikes more and more the Capitano of AS Roma as he gets older.

Of the 50 players with the most games in the A-Series to date, only four names are still active, even at the younger age. In addition to Totti and Buffon, the two remaining names are Alberto Gilardino (Empoli) in 13th place with 504 matches and Dario Dainelli (Chievo) in 45th place with 408 participations. The rest is already hanging shoes.

The charming file of the superman

Buffon is a superhero for the two clubs he has defended so far, Parma and Juventus. Superman's nickname is attached to him because he often wears superhero costumes that can fly during the reinforcement of Parma in 1995-2001.

"I was still young and really wanted to be a superhero," Buffon told Football Italia.

Yes, Buffon is indeed a hero for Parma, a club that, from the age of 13, became a place of study and then passed it to the golden age. From small clubs newly promoted in Serie A during the 1990/1991 season, Parma immediately decided to become one of the new powers in Italy, even in Europe.

The superman of Tuscany is part of this glorious time. The Gialloblu with Buffon has not only always raced in the high flight of Serie A, but has also won many prestigious trophies, from Coppa Italia to the UEFA Cup through the Italian Super Cup. Previously, Parma had also won the titles of the Winners' Cup and the European Super Cup.

For 6 seasons, Buffon played 160 games for Parma only in Serie A, which was not yet included in the other events. In total, he has already escorted the goal of the club that was founded in 1913. Unfortunately, due to mismanagement until it gets entangled in its debts, Parma has almost been destroyed and has again crawled from below.

The number of 160 games with Parma has increased since Buffon was officially won by Juventus and broke the record for the most expensive goalkeeper in the world in 2001 with a sum of 76.6 million dollars (760 billion rupees) which has not been defeated until now.

The faithful begin rare

Until yesterday's game against Chievo, Buffon played 432 games against Juventus and accomplished his achievements in 600 matches. He is now the most goalie in Serie A, ahead of his eldest, Gianluca Pagliuca, who is stuck in the game at 592.

Previously, Buffon had first played his 100th match in the Champions League, while the Bianconerri had played a 1-1 draw against Olympique Lyon, Thursday 3/11/2016.

The recorded recording of Buffon is not finished. The duel of November 6, 2016 in Verona also gave birth to a new feat for the goalkeeper. Buffon is now the second Juventus player to have the most matches, in all competitions, 594 games, including 111 following the eternal legend of Turin, Alessandro Del Piero.

Serie A is no longer considered the most royal league as it was two or three decades ago. The English Premier League remains the most expensive by spending about Rp 20,000 to 13.7 trillion dollars to transfer players before the 2016/2017 season.