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The Genius Behind Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity

Thanks to Tesla, he will revolutionize land transport. Through SpaceX, he tried to bring humanity to set foot on Mars. With SolarCity, it is trying to eliminate the dependence on the electricity companies.

"We are still investigating Falcon, the most difficult and complex mistake we've had in the last 14 years."

Falcon is the name of a rocket belonging to SpaceX, one of Elon's companies. The rocket just did not land. Elon and his team, along with outside investigators, are working hard to find the cause of this failure.

Elon Musk is one of the most influential geniuses in the world of technology.

Many have juxtaposed with Steve Jobs. But Elon is different from Steve. Musk is not a job. Elon is Elon. His vision is not limited to the profits of the company. More than that, the 45-year-old wants to help save the Earth through his company.

Elon himself seemed reluctant to align with Jobs, where Tesla Motors Inc. was lining up on Apple Inc. One day, a reporter asked Elon for his opinion on Apple's plan to develop an electric car. "Apple has just recruited some of Tesla's top engineers, is this competition worrying you?" Asked the reporter.

"The best engineer?" They recruited people we fired. "We are always wrong to say that Apple is the grave of Tesla." Those who do not work at Tesla will appear before Apple, "said Elon, the CEO.

Apple is developing iCar, an electric car. A $ 10 billion fund has been disbursed for this project. Many say that iCar will be a big rival for Tesla.

Elon did not really care about Apple's projects. "The good thing is when Apple launches into the auto sector, but car production is much more complicated than cell phones or smart watches, it's not as easy as talking to a manufacturer like Foxconn for ask him to make a car, "said Elon. sarcastic laughed. It refers to Apple's production, which is partly done by Foxconn.

Elon could be described as a hero for Tesla, even if he was just an investor later. But without Elon, Tesla might have simply noticed that once upon a time an electric car manufacturer died and went bankrupt.

Elon's involvement in Tesla began when he received an e-mail from Martin Eberhard at the end of March 2004. Martin and his colleague, Marc Tarpenning, founded Tesla Motors in 2003.

"We really want to discuss Tesla Motors with you," Martin wrote to Elon. "Especially if you are interested in investing in our company, we are convinced that you have driven a Tzero car belonging to AC Propulsion, so you certainly know that it is very likely that high performance electric cars will be created. you that it can be done profitably.

In the evening, Elon responded to the invitation to meet. "Of course it interests me, I can meet you this Friday or next week," he said.

The meeting was held in Los Angeles, specifically at the offices of SpaceX, a company owned by Elon, which has developed and produced space launch facilities. Martin came with Ian Wright, the third member of the Tesla team. The 30-minute meeting was not completed until two hours later.

Martin and Ian showed their business plan to Elon. During the meeting, Martin reiterated how much Elon was skeptical about the costs of design and production. But Elon showed interest. He asked the authors of Tesla's idea to immediately establish a due diligence file.

At that time, his wife was pregnant with twins. "This process must be completed before my wife gives birth.If they are born, I do not have time to deal with Tesla," said Elon.

The documents were completed on April 23, 2004. Elon injected $ 7.5 million and became the principal commissioner. Since then, Tesla has started to grow.