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Live with one kidney

Sri Rabitah, a migrant worker working in Abu Dhabi, said he had only one kidney when he arrived at the Tanjung Hospital in North Lombok in early January 2017. The Antara News Agency quoted him as saying by Tirto, reported that Sri had been operated on in Abu Dhabi without his knowledge.

Even this news has been commented by the regional government. "In any case, let the government spend money or build a network to solve this problem," said Najmul Akhyar, regent of northern Lombok.

However, the news that was brimming with excitement was canceled by Sri Rabitah himself yesterday (28/02/2016).

"I want this case to stop here, it's a misunderstanding, because my loins are still there," said Rabitah, quoted by Antara.

West Nusa Tenggara Regional Hospital also said something similar. "According to the results of the testimony of the doctor who examined the mother's kidney, Rabitah is still complete," said Deputy Director of Medical Services of Rushad Haryn Hamid's NTB Hospital.
Contraband of kidneys
Beyond the confusion surrounding the Sri Rabitah affair, the transfer of the kidney to another person, transplant or transplant, is not uncommon. The staff of Father Slank is an example. Abdee just had a transplant after kidney failure. Of course, such organ transplants suffered by Abdee must be based on the agreement of both parties, donors and recipients. However, illegal things often happen, such as organ theft and the sale of organs.

The issue of organ theft is not the first time this has happened. In May 2010, the families of three TKIs killed in Malaysia - Herman, Mad Noor and Abdul Kadir Jaelani - expressed their suspicions about the theft of organs from victims. They stated that they did not believe in the results of a repeated autopsy organized by the National Police Scientist Team of three victims of the shooting in Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia).

However, the government dismissed the suspicions.

"Based on the results of the autopsy performed on the three bodies, there was no evidence of missing organs," said Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa, quoted by Antara.

Suspicion about kidney theft makes sense. The price is extraordinarily expensive. There is a criminal mode of organ smuggling. According to Havoscope, in Thailand and Vietnam, kidney sellers will receive "only" $ 3 to $ 5,000 (between IDR 40 and 66 million) from intermediaries. While buyers of kidneys have to buy their kidneys from intermediaries up to $ 10,000 (133.58 billion rupees).

If the number still seems cheap, wait until the kidneys are sold in developed countries like Singapore. On the black market, patients in Singapore must claim up to $ 300,000. In other words, on the international black market in Asia alone, kidneys can be bought on average to reach $ 150,000 or Rp. 2 billion. So how much money does the donor receive? "Only" is $ 5,000 (65 million rupees). Of course, if the kidney is obtained through purchase and sale transactions, no theft.

In the case of Indonesia, the purchase price of the sold kidneys is between 70 and 90 million IDR.

In other words, if a kidney broker is able to sell at the average black market price, intermediaries can earn a profit of 144,000 dollars (1.9 billion rupees). This is clearly a very complicated benefit-sharing, considering that the owner of the kidney is the one with the greatest risk and that this party receives the least profit.